The Verve was hailed by many to be the British band that would eclipse The Beatles influence and status. There third album, “Urban Hymnes“, definitely made it look like they were going to make a run for it; but unfortunately they broke up. With that break up Britain saw what looked like the end of a possible legacy come on the heels of a hit album. What was most gripping about The Verve wasn’t just that they were musically gifted but that every album had the depth of a contemporary philosophical and sociological treatise.

Richard Ashcroft, the lead singer of The Verve, ended up going out on his own with two fantastic solo albums. Now The Verve are back at it again as a band and everyone has been buzzing about their new album. It took 11 years for them to get the desire to collaborate but it looks like it was well worth it.

If you love catching a glimpse of the future of music in the bands you listen to then you won’t want to miss The Verve’s newest album “Fourth.” The video above is the second song on this forthcoming album. My favorite song off the album has to be Appalachain Springs.