Glenn Lucke of Common Grounds Online is hosting a discussion on last years Denominational Renewal conference for the PCA. It was not an official conference but nevertheless hundreds of pastors and seminarians attended. Here’s the link to the Denominal Renewal conference site.

Lucke is arranging dialogues around each main session lecture from the conference with sympathetic readers, critical readers, minority readers, and outside the PCA readers, and the original speaker responding to them all on the last day. The schedule is below and as you’ll see its a who’s who list in contemporary conservative Reformed circles. Great job Glenn on structuring a very engaging dialogue;

CGO Forum on Denominational Renewal Conference

Sept. 15-Oct.17

The structure is as follows:

Mondays- Simpatico response

Tuesdays- Critical response

Wednesdays- Women or minority voices in the PCA response

Thursdays- Outside of the PCA response

Fridays- Original speaker of the talk at Denominational Renewal responds to the respondents


Week 1 Sept 15-19 Responding to “Renewing Ethos” by Greg Thompson

Simpatico: Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer PCA in New York City

Critical: Ligon Duncan, pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS

Minority/Women: Rebecca Jones, wife and mother, daughter of Edmund Clowney

Outside the PCA: Dan Dorianai, Pastor of Central Presbyterian Church (EPC), St. Louis

Greg Thompson Responds to his respondants


Week 2 Sept 22-26 Responding to “Renewing Theology” by Jeremy Jones

Simpatico: John Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy, RTS-Orlando

Critical: Sean Lucas, Associate Professor of Church History, Covenant

Minority/Women: Howard Brown, Pastor of Christ Central Church, Charlotte

Outside the PCA: Michael Walker, Theologian-in-Residence, Highland Park Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)

Jeremy Jones responds to his respondants


Week 3 Sept. 29-Oct. 2 Responding to “Renewing Worship” by Bill Boyd

Simpatico: Reggie Kidd, Professor of New Testament, RTS-Orlando

Critical: Phil Ryken, Pastor of Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia

Minority/Women: Carl Ellis, Project Joseph, Chattanooga, TN

Outside the PCA: John Muether, Librarian & Professor of Church History at RTS-Orlando (member of the OPC)

Bill Boyd responds to his respondants

Week 4 Oct. 6-10 Responding to “Renewing Ecclesiology” by Matt Brown

Simpatico: Leo Schuster, Pastor of Christ the King PCA, Houston

Critical: Rick Lints, Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Minority/Women: Diane Poythress, Ph.D. in Reformation History and Theology from Westminster Theological Seminary

Outside the PCA: in process


Week 5 Oct. 13-17 Responding to “Renewing Mission” by Jeff White

Simpatico: Ray Cannata, Pastor of Redeemer Church, New Orleans

Critical: Derek Thomas, Associate Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS

Minority/Women: Elias Medieros, Professor of Missions, RTS-Jackson

Outside the PCA: Mark Driscoll, Pastor of Mars Hill Church, founder of Acts 29