So I’m re-learning how to use a computer because as I turned the 30 corner on September 1st in the midst of a pre-mid life crises I was given a MacBook. Jess had both sides of the family pool together and we added in a bit and out came Mac. Its not a Pro or a Black Mac but it will do just fine…now if I could only figure out how to access the free video tutorials at the applestore. Just kidding. 

I’m loving the user interface of it and I’m beginning to play around with Keynote because I’m planning on using Keynote for an adult sunday school class I’m leading the end of this month called “Faith & Culture.” We’ll see if this 30 year old can learn new tricks…did I mention I’m loving being a dad, and dreading my five rounds of ordination orals on September 25th. My first project with the Mac is to build a family website with the IWeb program…here I come.