This PDF (below) is part of a six-part class I’m teaching on “Faith and Culture” right now. I plan on uploading the Keynote presentations for the first four weeks, the last two weeks are going to be done in a simpler whiteboard session style. Love to hear your thoughts on ways to improve the piece. I think the last page was definitely rushed and could have been expounded but all and all I was happy with the flow from God – to his Image – to the Fall of Culture – to is sorted redemption in the development of nations – to its Redeemer in Christ – and finally to its consummation in the New Jerusalem that descends from heaven into the new creation. Click the link to the PDF to download;

Faith & Culture in the Biblical Story

You’ll notice the pictures are censored because we have small children that come into the class after our adult hour and my wife wisely counseled me not to leave them un-edited. After a “well honey” moment I conceded…she’s always more sensible than I am 🙂