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While the Genesis-Kings narrative does not directly ascribe to the divinely-promised royal saviour the title of messiah, there can be little doubt that the New Testament concept of messiah is rooted in the traditions reflected in this material. While twentieth century Old Testament scholarship has generally reacted strongly against finding messianic ideology within the books of Genesis to Kings, we have observed the viability of doing otherwise. By giving due attention to the existence of a unique line of ‘seed’ in Genesis, it becomes apparent that the entire Genesis-Kings narrative is especially interested in the coming of a divinely-promised king. As we look for the fulfilment of this divine promise in the books of Genesis to Kings, the judges and kings of Israel and Judah pre-figure in a rich variety of ways the one who has yet to come [49]. Compared with alternative approaches, this provides a much more satisfactory basis upon which to build a Christological reading of the Old Testament.” T. Desmond Alexander, Royal Expectations in Genesis to Kings: Their Importance for Biblical Theology

A friend of mine, Daniel Kirk whose a NT professor at Fuller, recently gave me some critical feedback on a piece I’d created last week that traced culture through the biblical story. One of the items he pointed me to was the importance of seeing kingship in the image of God in Adam. Something Doug Green as well developed for me and the rest of his Old Testament History and Theology Part I course at Westminster Seminary.

One of the most rewarding exercises I did in biblical theology while at Westminster was tracing that theme and seeing how the story of scripture is really the story of God searching for a faithful Son who could rule beside him and restore those made in his Image. A faithful Son of course who was found in Christ. The first son, Adam, fell from his calling and the sons of Israel – the Kings of Israel – as well fell; but Christ kept covenant with his Father and abides forever as the faithful Son over his Fathers house and calls each and everyone of us who have a union with him to live in that calling. Exercising dominion over creation while awaiting the re-creation work he will bring to completion at his return…