It follows from the previous point that a mission to the West must be countercultural, though not in an escapist way. The point is that Western culture, perhaps due to Locke’s philosophy, is inherently hedonistic, emphasizing the selfish dimension in human nature. Bacon said that the goal of science was “to ease man’s estate”; Descartes said that science will make us “masters and possessors of nature.” This mentality has injected into our culture an insatiable desire for self-gratification. People want to enjoy their football matches, rock festivals, television programs, holidays, and parties – all of which they ” deserve” after a hard day’s work. Sacrifice, asceticism, modesty, self-discipline, and the like, are not popular virtues. Much of this has entered into our churches as well, tangibly in the “prosperity gospel,” more effectively camouflaged in mainline churches but present there as well. We all crave for acceptance by our culture and for a well-defined role within it. But then the gospel becomes inoffensive and in operable, with Christianity just another societal element. I believe that we have to communicate an alternative culture to our contemporaries. Part of our mission will be to challenge the hedonism around us, inculcating something of the spirit of being “resident aliens” in the world.” David J. Bosch, Believing in the Future