We visited Mark Batterson’s multi-site church called “National Community Church” tonight at their Ebenezers location and had a great time. Their service was pretty simple and straight forward. They kicked it off with upbeat worship, nothing over the top progressive or anything like Watermarks in Tampa, but solid worship through and through. Then they broke it up for introductions and greetings for the audience at which time we got to meet Mark and introduce him to Cali (our baby girl). He was super personable and friendly, he came off very genuine and engaging.

Mark headed out after the meet and greet and the video of his sermon from the last worship service kicked up on multiple large flat panels. He had preached live the last service before we attended. We caught the tail end of his series on Philippians called “Prisons.” He cut through a whole chapter in about 35minutes or so, very application heavy, not a lot of bibilcal criticism type points in his message. He pointed out several ways Paul’s message could apply to prisons in our lives today whether those prisons are loneliness, greed, negativity, etc. Intersting style if you ask me. He’s a very fluid communicator and used a number of well chosen illustrations for his college & DC young professionals. He really understood the psychographics of his crowd and how he connected with them was very impressive.

The end wrapped up with so more annoucements and them moving through the “Atlas” updates. Each semester they put out a magazine that markets all thats happening in the life of the church  such as discipleship groups, mercy and missions outreaches, or recreational outreaches like the football games they’re doing on the Mall during the pre-superbowl time.