What is Bohemian Modern style? Well there’s a bit of a debate about that in the interior design world but supposedly its a mixture of modern design elements with vintage California styles from the 60’s to the early 90’s. Some people call it “Flea Market Style” and others debate whether or not the two are the same or not. “BOMO” as its lovingly referred to by some of the interior designers that use it, can be seen in the book “Bohemian Modern: Living in Silver Lake.”

Personally I also think it can be seen at any one of the Anthropologie clothing stores near you or perhaps also in some of the Urban Outfitters. I love it. I did something like it in our Philadelphia apartment and will definitely incorporate it again in our next place once we land after this search season. The fun thing about BOMO is that you can use just about any thing vintage as long as you have a few modern pieces and make a collage. In the interior examples of it I’ve seen the best BOMO results always have something integrated throughout the whole.