I made the shift from PowerPoint to Keynote in August and I’ve never looked back. There simply isn’t any comparison between the two. The problem, however, that I’ve noticed is that presentations using these types of tools only work if your audience is into visual media. And they don’t work in every setting, particularly those where there’s a high expectation for a content-driven experience.

Nevertheless I still love using them and I think when used appropriately – ie as a support for the speaker rather than their replacement; even in content-driven settings presentation tools can make all the difference in the world. My personal philosophy is that as a pastor I share a platform with every other presentation they experience. I want my presentation, because its focused on the word of God conveyed in a relevant way to them, to count more than any other they have. Excellence in this area is about changing lives and making what I’m presenting stick to their hearts and mind. So whether its Keynote on the front end or a well put together and graphically-beautiful handout through tools like Pages the goal remains the same. I want to make an impression that’s going to stick, thats memorable, clear, and leaves them wondering about the biblical message. 

What do you use? Why?