I was doing some early morning reading last night when I came across this article by Leon Morris on the nature of discipleship. I really enjoyed the whole piece but this paragraph stood out to me more than any other. It was a good reminder that being Jesus disciple is a journey, a life long journey.

The term Mathetes was in common use in the Greek writings for a learner, a student. But in an educational system very different from any of those with which we are familiar in modern times there came to be a special significance in the master-student relationship. Students not only learned facts, but came to take up the essential position of their revered teachers. They accepted not only the teachings but also their teachers. It was not simply a matter of acquiring useful knowledge but of coming to follow a whole way of life.

(pg. 112, Leon Morris, “Disciples of Jesus”), Jesus of Nazareth Lord and Christ: Essays on the Historical Jesus and New Testament Christology Edited by Joel Green & Max Turner

Some of the best materials made to do discipleship in a life-on-life way which recognizes that discipleship is a journey we take together instead of a class we passively sit through is a series put out by Perimeter Church in Atlanta. The series is called “The Journey.” It combines thoughtful curriculum written in everyday vernacular with small group settings (5-10 people), and encourages everyone to take weekly practical steps in sharing and exercising their faith as they seek to follow Jesus in their social networks and relationships. (Other series to consider are World Harvest’s classic “Gospel Transformation” and the newer series called “The Person of Jesus” by Paul Miller.)

What have been some of your favorite books and quotes regarding discipleship?

(Photographic art by tiz_herself’s, piece entitled “14th Station of the Cross“)