What are the tools you use to help you organize and execute your areas? Of course we all use calendars and email update reminders, but what do you use over and above these things? Here are three things that I find invaluable: a book; a mind map; and smart graphics.

  • Getting Things Done by David Allen. Allen has really helped me organize and prioritize things in concrete ways. His graphs are very clear and his methodology is totally aimed at spending your time well in each area of responsibility you have.
  • XMind. Its a shareware tool for macs. As a creative person this tool helps me be able to layout things while also demonstrating relationships between them and how they should integrate together. Whether those areas are larger ministry modules of the church or more specific tools like teaching curriculum or events.
  • Word 08 for Mac, Smart Graphics. I utilize a lot of the process and relations graphics in the Smart Graphics tool in word. While Pages is much better for the curriculum or handouts I create, Word is still superior for creating and illustrating charts. I use this tool most often when I’m casting vision for ministry areas or sharing my ministry philosophy with other pastors or organic leaders.