I couldn’t help but create a post after watching this video. Number one its one of the oddest video’s related to church that I’ve seen. But two I think it illustrates the tenacity of older churches and their value for an ever changing cultural horizon. So I want to pose a simple question inspired by this video: what does it take to move a 100 year old church?

Here’s a brief answer:

  • The desire to see history, and the community that has kept it remain alive. I recently had an opportunity to serve in a revitalization project and I turned it down because I didn’t feel lead but I’m so thankful that there are ministries revitalizing rather than flipping or dying. 
  • Sometimes it takes a relocation. While not all ministries can literally relocate their building, many ministries have successfully relocated their philosophies to better reach the present cultural horizon around them. But like all relocations the foundation has to remain strong in order to support the community.
  • It takes celebration of what is and what will be. One of my favorite parts of the video is the chorus walking down the street and people turning their heads in disbelief. In a day and age where ministries are evaluated in terms of their shelf-life being shorter than 20 years this video is a good reminder that sometimes being old doesn’t mean being lifeless. That is one church I would love to worship in.
  • It takes the tenacity required to look at impossibilities and short-cuts and say no, we know who we are and what we can do in and through Him and nothing is going to stop us from doing it short of Him. That’s what I loved most about this film: the vision it took for the leaders to say we’re going to move a 100 year old church no matter what it takes.
  • But of course that leads me to my final inspiration from this film; moving a 100 year old church means moving people, not merely building. As we all know but can at times forget the church isn’t bricks and mortar its people. People visibly gathered together to celebrate Jesus, and people who though invisible at the moment, will in God’s time come to a saving knowledge of Christ and join the visible community who are bold enough to celebrate Christ 100 years and beyond!