[O]n the basis of the Christ event, Paul infers not only the depth of human lostness . . . but also the depth of divine grace and love . . . [God] does not wait until he can let the principles of poetic justice rule. Rather, according to Paul, his nature consists in re-creating the unlovely so that under his love they become lovely, in turning enemies into reconciled people, in giving worth to the worthless. This is the self-characterization of the Father of Jesus Christ.” (pgs. 378-379) Paul: Apostle to the Gentiles by Jurgen Becker

Sometimes a quote says it all. If you haven’t experienced the power of this truth I pray you will. To be able to say I was unlovely but His love has made me lovely is the most freeing truth in the world. It changes everything…

(Photographic art by Niko 1900, piece entitled “Beauty be restored“)