“If you weren’t able to join [them] for the Innovation3 Gathering in Dallas, [they] have crafted a one-page synopsis of each session to capture [the] incredible time of learning. A significant portion of the content from Innovation3 was shared with the world online via blogs, twitters, and live-streamed video. You can get a taste of the rich conversations at the following links:”

Risk & Failure 
Turning Your Biggest Idol into Your Biggest Benefit (Tim Keller) 
How to Zig When Others Zag (Stacy Spencer)

Righteous Risk & Repentence (Mark Driscoll) 
Try. Fail. Learn. Adjust. (Craig Groeschel) 
What is Failure? (Pete Briscoe)

Shaping the Culture 
Monkey and the Fish: An Alternative and Contrarian Way (Dave Gibbons) 
Courage to Change (John Jenkins) 
Engaging Culture and Deeping Your Church (Matt Chandler)

The Dangerous Church 
Provocative Leaders for a Dangerous Church (Nancy Ortberg) 
20/20 Vision (John Bishop) 
The Church on the Other Side: What Does the Dangerous Church Look Like? (Ed Stetzer) 
Catching Up With the Rest of the World (Bob Roberts) 

Missional Community

Lovin’ Every Minute Of It (Dino Rizzo) 
Challenging People to a Missional Lifestyle (Matt Carter) 
The Foundations of Missional Community (Reggie McNeal) 
What is the Church? (Neil Cole)

Breakout Sessions 
Branding Your Church (Dawn Nicole Baldwin) 
Church Planting and Multi-Site (Billy Hornsby, Matt Hannon, Bill Heck, Steve Robbins) 
Church Planting and Multi-Site (Dave Ferguson, Mark Driscoll, Greg Surratt) 
Church Planting Workshop (Rickie Bradshaw, Brian Bloye, Tim Hawks) 
Encore Generation Workshop (Bambi Encarnacion, Dave McClamma, Dave McElheran) 
European Church Planting (Ed Stetzer, Matt Wilson, Greg Holder) 
Externally Focused Workshop (Laurie Beshore, Chip Sweney, Ian Vickers) 
Externally Focused Women’s Ministry (Wendy Ferrin, Claudia McGuire, Sibyl Towner) 
Generous Churches Workshop (Scott Ridout, Ron Jones, Gunnar Johnson) 
Global Ministry Workshop (Bob Roberts, Dave Gibbons, Brian Bloye) 
Mad Church Disease (Anne Jackson) 
Megachurch Attenders: Why They Come and Why Some Stay (Warren Bird, Scott Thumma) 
Missional Community Transformation (Laurie Beshore, Stacy Spencer) 
Missional Renaissance Workshop (Gary Gaddini, Bryan Mills, Brian Tome) 
Multi-Cultural, Multi-Ethnic Church (Mark DeYmaz, Doug Murrell, Art Lucero) 
Multi-site Workshop (Larry Osborne, Dave Ferguson, Mark Driscoll) 
Multi-site Workshop (Dave Browning, Troy Gramling, Greg Surratt) 
Normalizing Absurdity (Will Mancini) 
Recovery Ministries Workshop (Teresa McBean, Jorge Acevedo, Matthew Russell) 
Success to Significance Workshop (Wayne Smith, Mark Bankford, Russell Rainey, Linda Slaton) 
The Church in the City, For the City (Darrin Patrick, Matt Chandler, Matt Carter) 
The Emerging Missional Church (Neil Cole, Reggie McNeal) 
Unconventional Innovation (Greg Atkinson) 
Women’s Leadership Workshop (Missy Hannon, Jennifer Lefforge, Linda Slaton) 
Worship & Arts Breakout (Chris Seay)

(HT: Leadership Network)