The Tipping Point” and Seth Godin’s new book “Tribes” focus in on the value of relationships and small changes, and are among several leadership books celebrating smaller entrepreneurs today.  This interview illustrates in my mind the main point of Tribes, it is that relationships matter and small connections through them with good communication can become catalyst for much greater changes. Its all about celebrating and cheerleading small business entrepreneur’s to build and care for their tribes, and the book challenges those of us who’ve been fence straddling to get into the leadership game, step out, and lead a tribe of our own.

I’m currently reading Tribes and enjoying it. Its written in a business devo style with no chapter divisions which makes reading large segments at a time difficult but it also means if I’m in a hurry I can pick it up and put it down and still get something from it. Some of the pieces are semi-helpful and insightful, some are bit too proverbial for me, and some I’ve found very challenging. I’m still feeling Godin out as a writer and innovator coach-in-print but so far I’m enjoying what I find in him. 

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