Have you ever read someone’s blog and found yourself saying, “How does this guy do what he does?” I have several times and Drew Goodmanson is one of those people for me. As I’ve read Drew’s blog I continue to be helped by the simple clarity he has on difficult issues. He illustrates things well on several of his posts, gets at the heart of such issues as: how to sustain meaningful community; social connectivity tools for today’s church leaders; church planting; ways to equip people for today; and more. 

If Drew’s not on your blog read list he needs to be. He’s one of the best and brightest Christian leaders I follow virtually. Here’s Drew’s most popular blog from last year on why church planting in Post-Christian America is so important. Enjoy! (Here’s the link to Goodmanson’s video, sorry I couldn’t figure out how to do this any other way than to redirect you to his link.)