A comment, a conversation, and a news article:

Comment: I overheard someone at a table say that India in the next 20 years will surpass China in population.

Conversation: My wife’s grandparents are one of the top supporters of a missions organization in India that I will not name here. Because of their influence and connection when the directors of the ministry were in town (accompanied with the Indian national director of church planting) I got a rare opportunity to have lunch with them and listen to the story of how they have planted 1,500 churches in the past 30 years. Yes that’s right 1,500! Here’s how: it takes them $3,500 and two years to train and send out their pastor/planters. At the end of the two years the pastor/planter has already planted two churches while completing their training. They have classes for two months and then do field work for four months with a mandatory number of no less than five house visits each day in the field. The director said that the average pastor/church planter in India will share the gospel with 1,200 people in their life. Now that’s a model we could learn from in the States!  

News Article: I was reading today on Yahoo News that Tata Motors is set to introduce the worlds cheapest car in India the Nano. It only costs 2,000 dollars and its said to be the equivalent of their Model T, making driving a reality for millions of families it never was before. Here’s the article from Yahoo News.

Watch out world here comes India!!!