Before someone goes and calls the child services on us let me just say, no, no we didn’t actually give Cali Bubble Tea. One of the perks during this season of transition in my life has been the extra time I’ve gotten to spend with my little girl. We’ve been taking daddy/daughter dates in the evenings to local bookstores that have good baby reading sections, and of course nice long sunset walks on the beach, and swimming time at her great grandmothers beach house. So far her favorite book is “Papa, please get the moon for me.” She’s a constant joy to be with and always makes me smile. I know every parent will say this but I really do think she’s the cutest little girl in the world and the smartest 🙂

For those local Cali Yogurt is in downtown Clearwater and its pretty good. I don’t what’s behind the recent upsurge in yogurt chains other than the success of Peaberry in NYC, but I totally dig them over your typical ice-cream parlor. And you know this place has got to rock since its named after our little girl – Cali.