Sometimes you just have to be totally obnoxious without thinking about the repercussions. Some of us have a knack at doing this. People like myself can only pull them off about every three months or so. But I aspire, I aspire 🙂 My totally obnoxious moment today was getting a cup of pure Jamaican Blue coffee. At a mere $50 a pound it was not the cheapest cup of coffee I’ve purchased but that’s part of the obnoxiousness of getting it. 

No cream. patient, slow sips to appreciate the flavors. Slight headaches from the caffeine overload you get when you french press such rich coffee. And purely selfish delight as an after taste. That was my first and likely my last cup of pure Jamaican Blue. As a Barista in my previous days I have to say that was a good cup of coffee. Better than pure Kona and better than Tres Generaciones Costa Rican coffee. 

Thank you for sharing in my totally obnoxious moment today. I’d love to hear about yours…

PS half way through I added cream and sugar. Now that’s totally obnoxious to any coffee snob!