“A parable is an extended metaphor and as such it is not a delivery system for an idea but a house in which the reader/listener is invited to take up residence…If the parable is a house in which the listener/reader is invited to take up residence, then that person is urged by the parable to look on the world through the windows of that residence.” 

Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes, Kenneth E. Bailey

What do think of Bailey’s definition of a parable?

Bailey has some very thoughtful remarks in the section this quote was taken from about the relationship between Systematic Theology and Biblical Studies. He does a good job of drawing out the metaphorical nature of Jesus’ theologizing, and suggests that because Western culture has dominated systematic theology with its interest in logic and propositions the metaphorical dimensions of New Testament theology found particularly in the gospels but as well in Paul still lay unappreciated and unappropriated. Really stirring thoughts throughout his chapter on the Parables…

(Photographic art taken by me on my honeymoon with a disposable waterproof camera. Location: Klein Curacao)