Matching outfits, no Jess didn’t go there that was the daddy factor! I’m tuning out today and going to swim with my girls at great grandmaws inter coastal house. Cali has a new canopy covered blowup boat that she’s itching to try out and I’m not fighting spending the day with my girls.

And yes I’m aware of the dangers of matching outfits. This may be the first and last matching outfit I was able to convince my wife Jess to wear. And to think American Girl has matching outfits for little girls so they can match their dolls. Now that’s crazy, but I’m already saving up for Cali because I know those days are coming 🙂 

See you blog feeders latter…btw go over and check out The Gospel Coalition webpage, just had some great lectures given over the past few days. That’s it, I’m unplugging…


I’d like to introduce you to the future of F1 Powerboating: her name is Cali, watch out!!!