9780802863560_lI just saw over at Michael Bird’s blog that Richard B. Hay’s has a festschrift out with a veritable who’s who in intertextual studies contributing including Joel Green, Gary Anderson, John M.G. Barclay, and more. The book is called “The Word Leaps the Gap.” Here’s a list of a few brief reviews on the collection of essays: Michael Birds thoughts; and Nijay Gupta thoughts.

I haven’t had the chance to read any of the articles in the volume. Gone are the days when I could pick up the latest festschrift for a favorite biblical scholar and read through it. Since I’m not local enough right now to step into a descent theological library (and if I were in full-time ministry I may not have the time to afford such an endeavor) these days have passed for me, but if you are I’d suggest picking it up. I’m especially interested in Green’s article on Pentecost given the time of year it is (between Easter Sunday and Pentecost).

(HT: Michael Bird)