I shot these with my Verizon wireless camera phone so they’re not the greatest quality. My wife has actually been sea kayaking several times before, her dad loves it. He’ll go on his days off and kayaking through the mangrove corridor canopy’s for hours.


Caladesi state park is a pretty cool resource for us Clearwater locals to have so close by. They have several corridors you can kayak through and they get pretty tight, there’s even a hidden lake on one of the islands. 


I may not become an avid sea kayaker but I definitely enjoyed our first sea kayak adventure and its on my to do’s whenever we vacation in the future. Jess used to go kayak with her family, they would tie down their kayaks or anchor out their boat and go snorkel for shells and other aquatic life. Pretty cool memories to have growing up.


I can’t wait for Cali to be old enough to have these adventures herself. I have a feeling grandmother and grandfather’s house are going to way more fun than mom and dad’s!