There’s a running conversation in my family between my wife and I about my surfboard collection. Here’s the deal: I have four boards (2 Robert Augusts, 1 John Carter, and her board). For the past six years of my life surfing has been more of an ideal hobby than an actual one. On average I’ve surfed about 1-6 times a year. My wife sees this as a good reason to consider doing something constructive with the boards instead of painting our walls with them. I had them hanging up in my study – for inspiration, really 🙂 .

She has been threatening to saw them in half and make a fun dinning room table or coffee table. To hold her at bay I bought a surfboard coffee table from Pottery Barn’s outlet store which has worked so far but lately she’s starting to raise the conversation again. I’ve been sweating it but I think I have an answer: “The Wave Table.” It was designed by an architect, Ron DiMauro. At a measly  $1,650 who wouldn’t want a second surfboard table in their house (of course there’s no way we’re getting one)!

I think that will keep her at bay, and because of that I’m labeling “The Wave Table” my art of the month.