51A1suWOeDL._SL500_I just started reading the famed British literary critic, Terry Eagleton’s, latest foray into “the God debates” as they’re now being referred to. Basically “the God debates” is a short hand way of referring to the continual discussion of the existence and goodness of God among ne0-atheists and their conservative evangelical opponents. The two most popular advocates being Christopher Hitchens represented in his book “God is not great,” and Richard Dawkins represented in his book, “The God delusion.”

Eagleton’s book, “Faith, Reason, and Revolution: Reflections on the God Debate,” is based on a series of lectures he gave at Yale in 2008. Those actual lectures are below in video form. I’ve listened to the first one and its very close to the book. The other lectures are beyond we’re I’m currently reading so I’m not sure how well they connect to it. I’d definitely recommend picking this one up. You can read Stanley Fish’s review of it in the NY Times by clicking here, its called “god talk.”