Lamin Sanneh offers you and I a hopeful picture of the global church; 

Christianity has become a genuinely multicultural world religion, thriving profusely in the idioms of other languages and cultures, marked by a lively cross-cultural and interreligious sensibility, unburdened by the heavy artillery of doctors and councils, and otherwise undaunted by the scandalous paucity of money, trained leadership, infrastructure and resources. . . In the churches and congregations we find fresh energy and intelligence being devoted to the production of new hymns, music, artistic and liturgical materials, to the creation of fresh categories for doing theology, to the retrieval of threatened cultural resources, to the application of faith to public issues, and to the promotion of ecumenical sharing and partnership.” Lamin Sanneh, Global Christianity and the Re-education of the West

The question Sanneh poses in this article is has the church come to terms with the re-educational challenges facing it in this brave new global world. To read more of Sanneh’s article follow this link to “Global Christianity and the Re-education of the West.

(Photographic art by Tico, piece entitled “Seedlings Common chickweed“)