Michael J Gorman shares his thoughts on the essentialness of the resurrection for Christians faith and life in his article, “St. Paul and the Resurrection.” Here’s a snippet to get you interested;

For the apostle Paul, the resurrection of Christ was not merely one among many Christian convictions; it was the one that guaranteed the significance of all others and provided the rationale for the life of faith, hope and love expected of those who live in Christ. From Paul’s perspective, to deny or misinterpret the resurrection is to undermine the entire Christian faith. . . 

. . . When contemporary Christians think of their own resurrection, they most often imagine the future reality of eternal life with God, however they conceive of that reality. Paul would certainly not deny the reality of our future resurrection to eternal life with God, but he also stresses the present reality of resurrection now. . . 

Good preaching and formation will consistently explore the implications of this kind of bodily resurrection existence on our sexual lives, our vocations, our use of time and money, and on much else. The resurrection, in other words, is the foundation of all we are and do.

Why Christ died and what his death has accomplished is the ‘stuff’ of debate among believers; but that he raised is in many ways the chief stumbling block of his story for the secular world today. If you take it away like Gorman says so well you “undermine the entire Christian faith.”

The danger for most Christians though isn’t denying it or misunderstanding the resurrection but rather leaving it unexplored in the life of their corporate liturgy, preaching, devotional meditations, and social ethics. As Gorman said so well again, “Good preaching and formation will consistently explore the implications of this kind of bodily resurrection…” 

Do yourself a favor, take some time out and read this short article by Michael J Gorman, “St. Paul and the Resurrection.”

(Photographic art by Untitled Blue, piece entitled “Resurrection“)