Vintage Faith 4Imagine a discipleship class not held in the church facility you meet in but rather in the gathering places that your life normally is spent in: coffee cafes, outside patios, friends living rooms, etc. Imagine a series of six-week long classes that are well presented, offer you great follow up material to do self-paced study on your own, are held in a intimate conversational style that encourages you to participate rather than just observe, and that ultimately leave you with a substantive content rather than sentimental fluff. What would it be like to have a class on “Faith & Culture” not in a drab church tiny closet room but rather held at different studios throughout your area? Would that change your learning experience?



Vintage Faith 3Click here to see a 8-page rough outline of what something like I’m talking about could look like: “Vintage Faith”. I realize its takes more than an interesting idea to make something work. It takes follow through and excellence throughout the endeavor: excellent handouts; well lead conversational classes with substantive content; great atmospheres; and gifted leaders whose own stories are able to intrigue those present. Not to mention local businesses willing to partner as hosts or willing to allow you to rent space, and people having the time and interest to come out.

Difficulties aside for the moment, I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on the vision behind “Vintage Faith.”