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I had a great time sharing with the young adults at Grace Christian Fellowship tonight. I hope the material in the handout makes you think and wrestle with what sin is. Some of the questions we discussed together were: What is sin? Is sin merely an action or a redemptive orientation we’re incorporated into and transfered out of? Is sin a power that overcomes us and that we’re freed from and if so what is the basis and goal of our freedom? How does God want us to respond to sin (individually and corporately)? How does sin relate to God’s desire for Shalom (wholeness & abundance), is there a difference between a minimalist description of sin and a maximalist? 

See these questions and more engaged in the handouts from tonight’s message: click here to download it in PDF. I’m not the architect behind the series just this individual class. The pastor who mentored me in college is Heath Watson. You can catch more of the series at his blogsite (forgive him he’s a blogspot guy not a wordpress guy – Sin is paradise lost!). 

As always love to hear your thoughts!