Vintage Faith - Jesus 300 Week 3I’ve finished the first beta version of a handout from a discipleship curriculum I’ve been considering creating called “Vintage Faith.” This handout is from the six-week core class on Jesus, its a one week supplemental handout on a discussion I would lead on “The Lord’s Prayer.” Click here to download it. I’d love any critical remarks you’d care to share on the content of the handout, the structure and feel of it, or questions of an audience nature. I wanted to create something that was aesthetically pleasing, had substantive content that engaged the heart and mind of people and left them feeling like the one leading the discussion had really spent themselves on preparation, while also providing them with further ways to engage the subject through a bibliography and this supplemental handout.

Here’s a PDF overview of my approach to the whole series of “Vintage Faith” discipleship classes. This is a “beta version” precisely because I want the final product to be as good as it can be. Love for you to be apart of that process, thanks in advance commenters!