For a limited time (until 7/31/09) you can get a free review copy of this study by signing up at their webpage for here. What is the Gospel-Centered Life study all about and who is it designed for?

The Gospel-Centered Life is a nine lesson small group study intended to help participants understand how the gospel shapes every aspect of life. Each lesson is self-contained, featuring clear teaching from scripture, and requires no extra work outside of the group setting.

Designed for:

  •   Pastors and leaders who want to spur Gospel renewal in their churches and ministries.
  •  Church-planters who want to form Gospel DNA in the churches they start.
  •  Students and campus ministers who are looking to live out the Gospel on campus.
  •  Christians who want to be more deeply formed around the Gospel.
  •  Small group leaders who are looking for content that “works” with diverse groups of people.
  •  Missionaries who are looking for simple material to disciple new Christians.