RCTC+tagline_web2Click here to check out their site and several new videos. Here’s the read up on their vision for City to City church planting;

Redeemer City to City is the new organizational name for the Redeemer Church Planting Center (RCPC), Redeemer Labs, and Redeemer CityNet.  
We focus on church planting for the renewal of global cities, content resources for leaders who seek to bring the power of the gospel to all of life, and a global community of creators and practitioners who adapt and build upon our “DNA” to create new churches, new ventures, and new expressions of the gospel of Jesus Christ for the common good. 
Our three-pronged approach is:
Church Planting.  For ten years, RCPC has been working with young leaders to start new church movements in key global cities of the world.  This began as a ministry of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, led by senior pastor Timothy Keller.  In 2008, we were officially registered as a separate 501(c)3, although we are still closely aligned with the church. 
Our goal is not to start clones of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, or even Presbyterian churches.  We want to help leaders plant gospel-driven, city-loving, life-giving churches that are appropriate to the context of their neighborhood, culture, and pastors.  Across many traditions and many denominations, in partnership with all kinds of agencies and missions.  We don’t want to recruit leaders out of their networks; we want to help them be more effective within them.
In our target cities, we recruit, assess, train, coach, connect, resource, and sometimes fund church planters through a variety of programs.  You can read more about it in the
Programs section of this site.
Content Resources.  Redeemer City to City is also a provider of resources designed to help people grow in, and live out, the gospel in the 21st century.  Our purpose with these resources is to harness and package Redeemer’s theological and ministry “DNA,” in the form of transferable content and training, so that we can spread it to leaders in global cities and beyond.  
We’re creating books, curricula, manuals, and a growing library of audio, video, and articles.  You can get a sneak peak in the 
Library section of this Web site.  We are also working on resources for The Reason for GodThe Prodigal God, and future books such as Counterfeit Gods. And you can still find twenty years of Redeemer sermons and talks, in-depth Bible studies, and our Church Planting Manual at redeemer.com.  We hope to provide something for everybody, from the professional minister to the urban Christian exploring their faith.

Community.  Tying it all together is you:  a global network of gospel practitioners.  We want you to love your city to life.  We want you to live and create where orthodox Christianity and city-loving, culture-engaging, missional life intersect.
We hope to provide you with platforms to connect with and support each other, starting with this beta site.  As we re-design the site as Redeemer City to City and build out its community features, we hope this will be a place for you to interact with your peers in cities all over the world.