The resurrection is a way of speaking about what God did to Jesus and it also provides a window into what God intends for humanity. Jesus’ resurrection is far more than proof of life after death or a metaphor for the continuing cause of God; it tells us something about God. The resurrection attests the power of God’s goodness and the goodness of God’s power. Resurrection means that the curse of creation and the nexus of sin and death have been broken and will be swept aside. The vindication of the Messiah is also the vindication of those whom he represents. The resurrection opens up an alternative way of being human wholly different from the crass materialism of secularism. Finally, resurrection means that God’s new creation is launched upon a surprised and unsuspecting world where new hopes are buoyed among oceans of terror and the stories of the Jesus-people are billboards in the global metropolis of things soon to come.

– Michael Bird & James Crossley, How did Christitanity begin?, pg. 50

(Photographic art by Dean Ayres, piece entitled, “Kensington Resurrection“)