missional church Keller 2.0 Tony Stiff coverOne of the articles I’ve continued to use in ministry and to desiminate to friends is Tim Keller’s popular article called “The Missional Church.” The article was written in 2001 and is neatly divided into to main parts: 1) The need for a “missional church”; and 2) the elements of a “missional church.” Following these two parts is a brief case study because it appears it was originally used for an in house function, not intended to become what it has. Which is literally a point of reference piece for anyone discussing what a missional church is and isn’t. Because this is such a helpful article I’ve gone on and created an updated version of it.

You can download my 2.0 version here.

missional church Keller 2.0 Tony Stiff Bib exampleMy update was small consisting of only updating the layout and adding a bibliography for those who would like to study the missional church and Lesslie Newbigin’s unique contributions further. Love to hear any input you have as to how to improve the update. At first I was going to add extra content but then I felt that would take away from others wanting to use it. The only other change I’ve made is to take out the case study because I often found it not making much sense to people I was passing it around to.

Eventually I’m going to come out with a 3.0 version that beaf’s up the content with interaction with Newbigin, Bosch, Allen and others in each of the elements of a missional church. And I’m going to add a missional church bible study to it. Unfortunately most of my library is in storage because we’re in a transition period so that version will have to wait.

Enjoy. . .