Click here for the short six-page handout. Its from a class at Grace Christian Fellowship that I’m stepping in to lead tomorrow called “Reform,” the current series is called “Conversations with Jesus.” I’m hoping to use a couple clips from “The Cobert Report” & “The John Stewart Show” where they interview Bart Ehrman about his book “Misquoting Jesus.” Pretty funny stuff!

I think the practical thrust of the story can be summed up in a simple napkin illustration;

Napkin Theology - John 7-8

You and I can fit into all of the possible positions in this story. We can been people who make up the circle of judgment, happy and  anxious to through our stones at the sins of others all the while forgetting how partial our own judgments are and that our righteousness is no greater than that of the adulterer. We can also find ourselves in the position of the anonymous adulterous woman, the spectacle of shame, finally having our brokenness catchup with us for all to see, and with no hope of being found righteous. Or, and I believe this is where Jesus is calling us to stand, we can enter the circle of humiliation and dishonor, identify with those society and the church has called “sinner’s” and extend to them redemptive association. Offering them truth and relationship.

Read the handout for more on this…