Theology in service for the church and the world is something a lot of people talk about but few people practice it. City Church San Francisco is trying to be a happy exception to that through their “Wiberfoce Fellowship.”

Here’s one of their videos;

Here’s the write up on what the “Wilberforce Fellowship” is all about;

The Wilberforce Fellowship is designed to nurture the next generation for meaningful engagement with the intellectual, social, and spiritual needs of San Francisco. The Wilberforce Fellowship is designed for young professionals who hunger to be equipped through worldview Development: The program is designed to foster wise theological and biblical thinking. Through a combination of readings, podcasts, social networking, and group conversations, the young professional will be equipped to engage the diverse and complex culture of San Francisco.

Spiritual Formation: The program will introduce the student to both ancient and contemporary means of spiritual formation and renewal, through a combination of readings and experiential elements. The focus is not only on personal spirituality, but communal spirituality the embodiment of Christ within the Fellowship, and for the sake of the City.

Relational Connection: The program recognizes the paralysis of loneliness in our city despite the many modern means of connectedness. We meet this need by fostering community within the Fellowship, and by providing mentoring and peer support along the way. The relationships developed here will be lasting ones.

The Wilberforce Fellowship is a nine-month program for young professionals who have at least two years experience in the workforce, and who are employed full-time in the city.

The video channel is curated, directed, and shot by Tomas Puig.