Doctrine - GCF Young Adults[7]

I had the pleasure of sharing (again) with the young adults at Grace Christian Fellowship tonight. They had just finished a series of discussions on the historical reality of the resurrection based on NT Wright’s video “Resurrection” in their summer and fall series called “Doctrine: The drama of redemption.” They’ve now started up an accompaniment series on the relevance of the resurrection for the Christian life (my talk was the first in that series).

Here’s the handout from tonight message. It’s called “Resurrection: Making All Things New.” I split the message into two parts: the first part dealing with the relationship of the cross to the resurrection; the second part dealing with how the resurrection of Christ is the beginning of the restoration of all things. Here’s a few simple graphics I used to unpack things;

ResurrectionpathwayNew & Resurrection

(A special thanks to Dr. J. R. Daniel Kirk of Fuller Theological Seminary for letting me get a glimpse of your forthcoming book and how you engage the resurrection of Christ for the Christian life)