JR Woodward, a blogger/author/conference speaker/ministerial entrepreneur, invited me into a group blogging discussion on what the good news is for my city a few months back. I was honored to join a number of other pastors who were far more experienced. The end result was 50 different blog posts, each defining the gospel and contextualizing it to their contexts of ministry. You can see the original link to my post here.

JR has been able to collect these articles, is in the process of editing them, and they will be coming out soon in book form (hopefully before Christmas). Because of the new social media tools we have today you are actually able to head over to JR Woodward’s site and help select the book cover. Here are the three choices for the cover (Anna Condon is the designer);

Cover #1


Cover #2


Cover #3


Here’s the link to head over and choose your favorite cover.