Greetings feeders and readers. For those of you who’ve read the recent four week small group study I posted on “What is the Missional Church?” and have wanted to talk more about the paper or the topic in general you’ll have a great chance to do that at the Jesus Creed on Monday around noon. Scot McKnight is going to post the paper in four parts over a four week period on Monday of each week.

Scot McKnight is the Karl A. Olsson Professor of Religious Studies at North Park in Chicago and a visiting Professor at Biblical Theological Seminary. Scot is also an international conference speaker and a published author several times over. Scot is well known as an authority on the Emerging Churches and is a world class historical Jesus scholar. I first met Scot at a conference I created and lead on the Emerging Churches at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia (see the pic above). I have had the pleasure of following Scot on his blog and in personal conversations as well as a few blog interviews with him since that conference. He is a great blog mediator for hot topics and draws a very wide and engaging blog reading audience so the discussion should be very helpful for everyone involved. Please make sure and head over there and contribute.