What is the GospelfThis is the second of four small group discipleship studies I’m working on right now. The first was “What is the Missional Church?” I plan on breaking this study also down into a four week study: 1) The gospel & the biblical story; 2) the gospel as public truth; 3) the gospel & the cruciform life; and 4) the gospel & the new creation. I’ve posted the cover and the last page of the study.

Now I just have to think about how to lay out the actual week’s readings and questions. There are a lot of great small group studies out there on this topic. Two of the ones I’ve found the most helpful are Tim Keller’s & Redeemer NYC’s study called “The Gospel & the Heart”; and World Harvest Mission’s new study called “The Gospel-Centered Life.” Since both of those studies are much longer than the one I’ll be composing and had the benefit of being the process of several hands working on them I still plan on using them again and again in the right settings. But this study will be something that because of its brevity will I hope but appealing for substantive yet brief small group discussions on the gospel.

What is the GospelI plan on listing some of the resources for each week that I have found helpful as I create them. I anticipate using Keller and the World Harvest Mission’s resources, as well as Lesslie Newbigin, NT Wright, Michael Gorman, Michael Bird, T. Desmond Alexander, Christopher Wright, Miroslav Volf, and more. Now onto the actual labor of creating it.

(If any of you as readers have any ideas or helpful charts or illustrations or authors you’d suggest just comment below.)