Here’s the next video short I’ve created for my resume website. This one is called, “What is Community?”

What is the CommunityI plan on creating a four week small group study for this video short like I did with the “What is the Missional Church?” video. Part of why I haven’t completed the study for the “What is the Gospel?” video and this one is because most of my library is in storage right now so I don’t have my resources on hand. I’m starting to realize my dependence on my library.

I had a great conversation with a recording artist friend of mine in Ybor at a lunch last week about creating a much larger project for developing artistic, up to date, deep small group studies that would be accompanied with artistic video shorts and music created just for them. So far I’m thinking it would fill out the “Vintage Faith” idea I released on this blog awhile back. I’d like to get a lot of different pastors developing the resources and make it very affordable and accessible for churches. We’ll see where the idea goes from here…

What is the Community2Here’s what the front and back of the study will look like once its done. Some of the people I plan on using to help me fill it other than the ones mentioned in the video are Randy Frazee, Jack Miller, Tim Keller, Andy Crouch, Eugene Peterson, Henri Nouwen, Miroslav Volf, NT Wright, and many more.