I’ve just started reading Dan Roam’s book “On the Back of the Napkin” I’m really enjoying it.  Roam helped Peets Coffee & Tea (among many others like Google) visually layout its vision and mission and grow to be what it is today. (Watch the six minute clip above to see Roam talk about the general thrust of his book).

I’ve been thinking lately about how to use some of Roam’s ideas about visual thinking along with Wacom’s Intuos4 professional pen and tablet to illustrate ministry ideas to leaders, and to illustrate them in preaching and teaching materials. There’s a world of impact we can make as pastors with new media technology. We just have to start somewhere and explore…perhaps even on a no-tech back of a napkin.

Andy Stanley tells a story about what he did to help his team at North Point breakthrough in an area of ministry when they were feeling like they were hitting a creative wall. He took pieces of 8.5×11 paper, walked across the room about 15 feet, and then began to place pieces of paper down on the floor like stepping stones. On each stepping stone he had his team write simple answers to the problems they were facing. By the end of the meeting he had walked across the room on clear steps and North Point as a church was also ready to walk through its next season with clear steps. Sometimes its simple things that help us move forward.