Here’s the 4 page handout as well on “What is Discipleship?“. I used the first half of this handout recently with a small group of people I’ve known for awhile, the discussion went really well. Christians who’ve been struggling to make sense of their faith over the long haul of life are attuned to the importance of having clarity on what discipleship is. Someone that night actually brought up the point that when we treat discipleship like a destination how we think about being Christ disciples and how we go about making disciples changes. When, however, we treat it like a journey we follow Christ on it becomes a far more personal, encompassing reality in our lives, and in the lives of the people we encourage to become disciples of Christ. I borrowed that idea from our discussion and tried to illustrate it in the stock footage of the train ride in the video above.

Feel free to use these if you like. Love to hear any feedback you have on them.