I had the supreme pleasure and honor of marrying my sister-in-law to my now brother-in-law on the 19th of this month. One of the best parts of being a pastor for me has been doing the weddings for my Jess’s brother and also now her sister. Such a honor. Thank you Jenna and Justin for the invitation! Here’s a few pics.

We did the wedding ceremony at our grandparents inter-coastal home with just family. I absolutely loved the small wedding setting. It felt so intimate and meaningful to celebrate with just the closest people in Justin and Jenna’s lives.

The reception was held at the Vinoy, one of the most famous hotels in the Bay area. Really beautiful, elegant, old world vibes throughout the place, and the meal was one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Justin and Jenna did an amazing job choosing the place and the meal layout.

Jess and I at the Vinoy. Little Cali was with us to. She ended up crashing before we left so we had to have the hotel bring some beach towels down to lay her on. Funny/sweet family memory.

Jenna and Justin cutting their cake. It was a Key Lime wedding cake made by one of the better Bay Area Key Lime cake bakers. What’s perhaps most amazing about their wedding is that they were able to do almost all of their planing from a distance. Their photographer is one of the best I’ve seen, friends of ours who we co-lead the Young Marrieds Ministry with at Grace Christian Fellowship – Brian and Angela Sackett of “Loving Legacy Photography.” (The pictures above I took, not them, theirs are much better!)