Click here to download the outline for the six weeks of pre-marriage counseling with the first week complete called “Understanding your marriage in light of the Biblical Story.”

I’m developing this material to use in all the pre-marital counseling I do. I’ve used other material in the past but no matter what I choose to use I felt that there were aspects of the material that didn’t speak directly to all the issues I felt were key for couples. In addition to this material I also encourage engaged couples to read two books together: “The Intimate Mystery” by Tremper Longman III and “When Sinners Say I Do” by Dave Harvey.

Love to hear your thoughts on this material. BTW I’m using a pre-designed iWork Pages template put out by Jumsoft to do this. I tweak some of the page layouts but all and all the look and feel was developed by them. You can purchase the template for $12 at their website.