I recently shared a simplified version of this Keynote with our college group as part of a series I’ve been taking them through called, “The Biblical Story.” We completed the Old Testament part of the series this Spring, we’re doing the New Testament part of the series this Fall. This is a bridge message between the two. Click here to download this message. Its on the Intertestamental Period, its called, “A Home for the Homeless.”

The video clip I used for an illustration earlier in this talk was taken from the movie called, “Life as a House.” The message is broken into three parts: 1) a basic glimpse at the Intertestamental Period; 2) an exploration of how this period contributes to the Biblical Story; and 3) connecting this period to Jesus mission.

Here’s a couple resource suggestions for those of you interested in the Intertestamental Period who may be teaching on it;

An Introduction to Early Judaism by James Vanderkam (Great overall resource on the history, literature, and groups of the period)

Between Athens and Jerusalem: Jewish Identity in the Hellenistic Diaspora by John J. Collins (The best resource on understanding Jewish Identity in the Hellenistic Diaspora with emphasis on ethics and political movements)

Jews in the Mediterranean Diaspora by John M.G. Barclay (The best resource on Jews in the Mediterranean Diaspora, especially Jewish communities in Alexandria)

From Maccabees to Mishnah by Shaye J.D. Cohen (A descent overview, not nuanced enough to be as helpful as Collins work, but still helpful)

Early Judaism by George W.E. Nickelsburg and Michael Stone (I haven’t had the chance to use this resource yet but from what I know of Stone’s work and the layout of this book it is likely a great resource on groups of the period)