Having just about completed my first six months with FPC’s college ministry I thought it would be good to share with you some of the lessons learned by me and my team. The thing we all agreed on more than anything these past six months was that our college ministry needed to put a premium on community. There were things that needed to be healed in our group and relationships that needed to solidify and deepen. Now six months latter what we’re realizing is that the way forward for “One Hope College Ministry” is going to be one based on the four items above: worship, story, community, and change.

Here’s a PDF of something I shared with my leadership team a few weeks back. The biggest changes for us are in the area of community and change. We’ll be initiating student lead small groups in the Fall which will be challenging but good. These small groups will be resourced by leaders, hosted at their homes, but lead by students. We’ll also be doing missional groups which will focus on pursuing one aspect of God’s Shalom in our local community and beyond. We have national and local partners will be encouraging students toward. Lastly we’ll be doing something called “Next” leadership development. In the Fall we want to offer 4 to 6 students the opportunity to be mentored, have solid biblical-theology poured into them in a smaller teaching setting once a month, and have the opportunity for vocational internships in the summer in the area of their college study through partnerships formed out of our church.

In addition to these shifts in how we do ministry we’re also planning on doing intentional, student lead, ministry at three local college campus in partnership with existing campus ministries like Inter Varsity, Campus Crusade for Christ, and CCO. A lot is coming in the future for us. The last change we’re bringing in is we’re using care circles. They are a way to be intentional as leaders and push ourselves to pursue deep relationships with 6-10 students each. We believe our future has to one filled with deep community and relationships.

I’d love to hear what you’re doing with your ministry. If you are reaching out to college students what you’re finding effect and helpful.