If you’re currently working with this demographic at your church I’d love to hear what you’ve found effective in building community. Our goal is to challenge them to pursue community in the wider trans-generational body at our church while also pursuing meaningful relationships with each other in a smaller setting on Sunday’s after corporate worship. To my knowledge this may be the only Post-Collegiate ministry in our city. There are other ministries that lump college and post-college together under the rubric of Young Adult but none that have smaller settings focused on each.We have some super leaders for this ministry that are featured in the video above. I’m so excited to see how it grows.

One of the books that was very helpful for to us as we tried to understand the culture of post-collegiate young adults as we conceived creating this ministry was Christian Smith’s book “Souls in Transition.” (Check out this interview with the author at Christianity Today called “Lost in Transition“) Another thing that was helpful for us was seeing how another large EPC church was reaching post-collegiate young adults. 2PC in Memphis, TN has a congregational community called Crossroads.