In March I’m kicking off a new group for our college ministry dedicated to the study of theology, culture, and mission called “101”. The group will meet in my home on Saturday mornings at 11am for conversation over breakfast on book driven studies. The first we’re doing is an introduction to theology, using a book by John Frame called “Salvation Belongs to the Lord: An introduction to theology.” The goal of this group is to create a safe place where young adults can raise questions about the Christian faith, have materials that enable them to go deeper in their explorations of that faith, and have a community that is dedicated to not only discussing the questions but also talking about the practical implications of the topics. This group isn’t a replacement of mission in the life of our young adult ministry rather its intended to give students a theological and philosophical framework from which they can live deeply.

I’d love to hear how you are engaging this dimension of discipleship with your ministry.