This weeks study on “Man, the Image of God” offered our group some challenge because Frame is writing from a Complementarian framework and our church is an EPC Egalitarian church. So our study guide questions reflect the difference. Frame was not combative at all in the chapter but it was clear that his interests as an author weren’t focused in this chapter to present the issue in full, or the opposing viewpoint to his own. The question of women in ministry is one that is answered in a lot of ways in the church today even among Complementarians (Frame hat tipped to the idea that perhaps women could be deacons – a hot button issue in the PCA). Even in our church which is Egalitarian there is a mixture of perspectives on gender and roles. Our denomination has rightly so called the issue of women in ministry a non-essential in which there ought to be liberty of practice and charity in the midst of difference. In order to offer a counter perspective that is Egalitarian we handed out Roberta Hestenes’s article “Scripture and the Ministry of Women” which is a great response that is charitable, respectful, and offers people an opportunity to consider the issue in a broader hermeneutical perspective. Click here to download this weeks study guide.